What has Donald Trump actually accomplished since being elected?

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Trump repeals EO protecting LGBT community - (Credit: Getty/Shawn Thew)

We week mark the one-year anniversary of America’s greatest mistake by examining his accomplishments, or lack thereof.

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Last November, a mentally-ill megalomaniac was granted the highest office in the land. Donald Trump’s perfectly caricatured, white nationalist rhetoric exploited the worst in America; powering through a wild-card campaign that all but promised a return to cultural segregation, religious bigotry, authoritarian violence and  the widening gap of sexual equality.

By pushing themes of fear, hate and identity politics, Trump positioned himself to take aim at the best and brightest endeavors of the previous administration. He ran his campaign on, won and then commenced to perform as president by committing to drive America backwards on nearly every front imaginable, including healthcare, immigration, science, engineering, energy and more.

Trump’s bombastic style and substance-free agenda proudly touted his administration’s goal of cuckolding the nation’s democratic institutions while usurping them with an inept gaggle of nepotistic, pay-to-play authoritarianism and damaged the nation’s standing on the world stage.

The damage wrought over these few months is undoubtedly lasting. But truth be told, Trump has either failed to deliver or simply given up on nearly every major campaign promise of which his supporters counted so dearly upon.

Let’s look at the record; what exact promise has President Donald Trump actually made good on? What “deals” has the “deal artist” actually put through? The bigoted Muslim travel ban? Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act? Exit from Obama’s the Iran deal? Transgender troop ban?

He has put zero policies in place that would have affected the economy, markets or job numbers yet consistently takes credit for positive momentum put in place by the prior administration. His executive orders have largely been window dressing; an appeasement to his base that – much like the President himself – are clueless on how actual legislation works.

We may have a long way still to go with the Tweeter-in-chief himself at the helm. But If yesterday’s progressive-positive elections were any indication, American is (hopefully) waking up to the long-con that is the Donald Trump presidency.

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