A linguistics professor analyzed Trump for two years. What she found may (or may not) surprise you.

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“I know words,” Donald Trump said in 2015. “I have the best words.”

Turns out – like most else from Trump’s mouth – this isn’t exactly true.

The Washington Post recently featured a story centered around one Georgetown University linguistics expert who has been studying the speech patterns of one Donald J. Trump.

Jennifer Sclafani – an associate teaching professor at the school’s Department of Linguistics – suggests that part of Trump’s popularity among voters resides in his unique ability to speak like “everybody else.”

“We’re used to hearing somebody speak who sounds much more educated, much smarter, much more refined than your everyday American,” said Sclafani, who has been studying the president for the past two years.

“President Trump creates a spectacle in the way that he speaks,” she said. “So it creates a feeling of strength for the nation, or it creates a sense of determination, a sense that he can get the job done through his use of hyperbole and directness.”

Sclafani’s upcoming book, Talking Donald Trump: A Sociolinguistic Study of Style, Metadiscourse, and Political Identity, said that the president uses language to “create a brand” as a politician.

According to the linguistics professor, Trump’s casually dumbed-down speech patterns “include a casual tone, a simple vocabulary and grammar, repetitions, hyperbole and sudden switches of topics.”

So it is not so much that Trump has “the best words,” but rather he uses the simplest to relate best to the dumbest.

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