The leader of the free world can’t seem to get his stories straight.

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According to President Donald Trump, all fingers point now to the former president for not doing enough – if anything at all – to prevent Russian hackers from influencing the 2016 election, of which he won; an attack Trump himself has repeatedly called a “hoax.”

No, you are not misunderstanding that at all. First, #RussiaGate was all just a big hoax purported by sore-loser Democrats and fueled by the mainstream media and its fake news cronies. Now – with more pressure added – it was actually real from the start and former president Barack Obama failed to stop it.

So, Russians did not influence the election to help Trump win, but, they actually did, and it’s Obama’s fault that they did, and Trump is president because of it, only, it didn’t happen anyway, because it’s all a hoax, but still Obama’s fault.

“It’s difficult to know where to begin unpacking Trump’s latest series of public statements regarding the Russian attack and the subsequent Trump-Russia scandal,” writes Bob Cesca, “chiefly because we’re unraveling the words of someone whose growing insanity makes us feel like we’re all going a little bit crazy too.”

“Imagine for a moment trying to deconstruct the words of George W. Bush if he had denied the 9/11 attacks ever took place, and then if he blamed Bill Clinton for not doing enough to prevent the, you know, nonexistent attacks. This is where we are with our very own Mad King and his stunted, upside-down view of how presidents are supposed to behave and communicate.”

Since his win in November, the now-president has been insisting that Russia’s cyber-attack was a hoax – despite the unanimous findings of nearly twenty intelligence agencies to the contrary.

But after last week’s Washington Post report about how the intelligence community and the Obama administration dealt with the attack during the 2016 campaign, Trump seems to have jumped on the opportunity to bash the former administration despite the report itself coming from the “very, very fake” Washington Post.

Trump tweets about Russia "hoax" and Obama
Trump backtracks on Russia “hoax” claim, now blames Obama

In reality, the Obama administration did in fact quietly retaliate against Russia in multiple ways (sanctions, diplomacy, “digital bombs”) while not attempting to influence the actual election; measures which went widely unnoticed due to Trump’s now-infamous “Access Hollywood” tapes being released at the same time.

Something tells me he isn’t going to Tweet about that part.

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