Vice President Mike Pence Tweet-pledged to defend Americans against fictional Christian persecution. Here is everything wrong with that statement.

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So, this just happened. The Vice President – arguably the smartest and most level-minded person in and around the White House these days – has pledged the Oval Office’s commitment to defending Christianity, and Christianity alone.

It does not take a historical scholar or even a more-so-than-average socially conscious citizen to realize the preposterousness of this claim; the assertion that Christians are the black sheep of American theism who are in some form or function “under attack” by a cabal of anti-Christian forces and liberal propaganda.

Never mind, for a moment, the unconstitutionality of the idea; as the Office of the Vice President and the President should remain resolute in their defense of all religious freedom in this supposedly and purposely nondenominational country.

The broader, sweeping lies are inherent in the Pence’s suggestion that Christianity is:

a) being demonized somehow in someway by some fictional, radical agenda, and

b) it is the Executive Branch’s sworn duty to defend only

These “truths,” Pence would claim, are his true calling as a “Christian, a Conservative and a Republican. In That Order.”

This is, of course, despite actual hard facts and educated, bi-partisan research that clearly show how not only are these beliefs utterly and damagingly false, but also that the religions (and lack of for that matter) truly being persecuted in this country are that of the non-Jesus variety.

It is this type of pandering that further the Religious and Alt-Right in their fervor against civil liberties – specifically for marginalized groups like the LGBT community – and threatens to embolden the un-American idea of exclusivity amongst the diverse and culturally-rich tapestry of American faith systems.

Furthermore, it defies logic that someone in a key leadership role in the current administration – one whose near-daily actions, promises and legislation go against the very teachings of Jesus Christ himself – would have the sheer audacity to align himself and his party with the very religious doctrine to which he fails to abide.

Pence’s defense of the President’s nefarious Muslim Ban, Trumpcare’s incredulous disregard for the sick and poor, the siphoning of both civil and human rights for women and cultural minorities, commitment to guns and the condonement of the current administration’s rampant global militarism are by far the complete opposite of Christianity – or rather, what most “devout American Christians” typically cherry-pick as scripture.

Statements like this Tweet and others from Pence and other establishment leaders are a clear and present threat. They place non-Christian religions like Islam and Judaism (and even non-religions like Atheism) as well as marginalized communities living outside the “acceptable realm” of Christian traditionalism in the crosshairs of American discourse and political demagoguery by falsely demonizing them as “enemies of the state.” By way of feeding the know-nothing electorate, they allow for “red state” Christians to take up the false charge of engaging in a culture war that never needed to exist in the first place.

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Meghan is a Staff Writer at with a focus on Healthcare, Education and Civil Rights. She currently resides in Staten Island, NY, and is a graduate of The New School in NYC. Her two, four-legged roommates - twin beagles Mika and Mattias - keep her grounded.