Politically, Donald Trump is a disaster. His presidency is the compounding of one liability after another. And he knows it.

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Now 100 days into his deeply flawed and vastly contentious presidency, President Donald Trump – failed casino developer, airline mogul, beverage king, board-game producer, magazine publisher, university scammer and vodka provocateur –  is effectively in the books as the lowest-rated president in modern history.

Of course, there are plenty that would argue against this factual scorecard, and for them a dose of reality: despite his odious executive orders and big-talk concerning national security, immigration, healthcare and tax reform, the former reality star has yet to accomplish anything of actual, tangibly-positive measurability and certainly nothing that would “make America great again.”

Contrary to what he and his camp consider the most successful young-presidency in history, his to-date “wins” hover somewhere in the ostentatious realm of social regression and anti-truth propaganda. They sustain solely on his pandering to those that either cannot or care not to delve into how his ill-effect goes deeper than the surface of strategically placed keywords and hashtags.

Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote in November’s election and – if the near-constant marches and rallies against him are any indication – who would likely lose “bigly” again if held today, is widely un-liked as a leader, celebrity and person. And for a man with such a deep and lasting affinity for whether or not people like him, that’s a pretty big deal.

Trump (and his handlers) know full well that their reign is on notice and – if not meticulously managed from here through the 2020 election – he risks the wretched embarrassment of being a one-term president.

For with all the GOP’s tough talk surrounding a “new morning in America” after the disastrous shellacking handed to Democrats last November, a swift removal and “flip to blue” across the electorate majority would be the most painful retraction ever for the Republican party despite their obvious resentment of the Commander in Chief since even before his official party nomination.

And with so much fanfare surrounding the president’s incredulous incompetence and rampant mis-dealings, his administration is kicking into full face-saving mode.

A screencap of the marquis at Trump’s May 2017 Harrisburg rally shows how his post-election campaign is attempting to reverse-spin his negative numbers.

It is no secret to either side – Republican or Democrat – that Donald Trump is no good at actual, policy-level specifics. He cannot speak clearly nor intelligibly when approached with hard-lined facts. He cannot back up his own campaign rhetoric with tangible, viable evidence nor can he recognize his own accountability when falling short on campaign promises. He cannot muster any level of graciousness nor dignity when confronted with opposing, fact-checked viewpoints. He cannot defend against nor displace the seemingly rampant evolution of conspiracies and collusion from within his administration with nefarious governments and ill-gotten corporate favorability.

Politically, Donald Trump is a disaster. His presidency is the compounding of one liability after another.

And he knows it.

That is why – as recent as this past weekend – the president is continuing his awkwardly executed rallies in pro-Trump areas throughout the country. The main purpose of these extravaganzas is to perpetuate the idea that Trump – despite his impotence and gross incompetencies – is the people’s president.

He brings the conversation down on their level – free from the fact-checking, “liberal media” – and “shoots from the hip” without cause nor concern for details. He uses his falsely brash, blue-collar-sympathizing persona to whip the crowds into a frenzy even as their tear-strewn rally cries fall on (his) deaf ears.

He revels in the crowds’ chants while enjoying the one-mic medium; where no amount of political crosstalk could possibly hope to drown out the cheering swell of supporters shouting nonsense like “Lock her up!” again and again. No fact-checker can compete with an enthused throng of Trump supporters, just as no reality-based argument can quell the fever-pitch of the delusional hordes.

Donald Trump is working tirelessly (in between golf outings, anyway) to show the nation that his promises are both made and kept, despite evidence proving otherwise. The goal? Convince America that because of him and him alone, it is and will be further made “great again.” And that all accounts to the contrary – despite their adherence to facts – are simply “fake news”.

He can deliver whatever message he wants; however ill-informed, misleading or outright false it is. He can shout incomplete sentence after sentence and the people will not care. He’s their guy; he speaks for them and at them, and they worship him for it.

This is his playing field. It is how he won; on stage with nothing between him and notoriety but a pedestal and a flag, President Donald Trump can be himself and make people love him.

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