One thing is for sure: whatever wins and losses accrued by the new president throughout his first 100 days in office, the American people – and world at large – will suffer the consequences for a long, long time to come.

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Last week, Donald Trump backtracked on promises for his first 100 days as president, calling his self-imposed expectations a “ridiculous standard” that would likely be ignored by the media.

“No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!” Trump tweeted.

Critics would argue that the Trump administration – despite its manic claims to “make America great again” starting day-one of his presidency –  has “accomplished” little to nothing of immediate or even long-term benefit to the people. Instead, his executive orders have largely marginalized and polarized voters by avoiding transparency while reneging on promise after promise of his (barely) winning campaign.

Just shy of 4 months in office, millions of American voters (including the hundreds of thousands that plan, promote and attend rally after rally each week in opposition to the president’s actions) are feeling the upsurge of positive reinforcement. Polls, reports of Republican disillusionment and seemingly non-stop repetition of one befuddling Tweet after another all have Democrats, liberals, progressives and anyone else daring to defy the reality-star presidency chomping at the bit for 2018 and beyond.

But his short-term failures should not placate the would-be activists, politicians, voters and others who stand in solidarity against the president’s agenda. While they may appear as failures now, they set alarming precedents and lay down a gross foundational groundwork for the future.

President Donald Trump: Beyond moral degradation

Robert Reich wrote a brilliant and poignant piece about how Trump’s first 100 days have morally degraded the office of the president, and he is spot on.

“Trump’s failure to accomplish little or any of his agenda during his first 100 days shouldn’t blind us to the vast harm he has done in this comparatively short time to our system of government, especially his degradation of the presidency,” writes Reich.

Reich calls to question Trump’s felonious conflicts of interest, vulgar obsessiveness with abuse of power and moral ineptitude over self-aggrandization. He rightly vilifies the president’s choices of celebrity endorsements and lambastes his divisive nationalistic stances on immigration, terrorism and cultural scapegoating.

“The first 100 days is an artificial landmark for presidents,” Reich continued. “But it does offer an opportunity to pause and assess what they have done. Too often, though, we think in the narrow gauge of policies and legislation.

“With Trump, it’s important to think more broadly. Among the most significant legacies of his first 100 days is his degrading of the moral authority of the office of the president, and, thereby, of America.”

Reich – the once Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton – is 100% correct. The symbolic failings on the Trump presidency are grossly abundant and are cause enough for a serious gesture by Congress come 2018 (aka, impeachment).

But the greater dangers inherent in Trump’s power-campaigning whilst in office are the ones that are still largely unforeseen.

During the election, Trump portrayed America – reeling from 8 years’ worth of economic recovery and international leadership – as a dystopian hell-scape of carnage and destruction. He referred to his base as the hapless victims of big-government greed, inner-city crime and ISIS attacks; problems to which he claimed to have the solutions. He promised to fix every fictional nuance of his anti-progress attacks “very, very quickly,” adding often that change would “happen so fast your head will spin.”

And spin they have, only not for those reasons. Yes, Trump’s rampantly regressive executive orders – compounded with a Republican Congress’ ill-adjusted agenda – have come in fast and furious. But “Trumpcare,” the infamous Muslim travel ban, tax reform, a Mexican-funded border wall – all non-starters that were linchpins to the president’s election campaign – combined with other more “successful” ventures like aggressive militarism, harmful deregulations against LGBT rights and anti-science legislation all promise far more damaging, long-term effects on Americans and the world.

We have already witnessed fallout in Syria and North Korea and, if the headlines prove true, things are only set to get worse. Trump’s policies reversing significant climate change achievements are dangerously damaging. His selling out of the LGBT community renders marginalized communities literally, legally defenseless.

His actions have already set the proverbial clock back by decades for women’s health while denigrating women’s rights and safety to a self-promotional afterthought.

The Muslim travel ban is by far the worst example of anti-American nationalism to come out of Washington since the Japanese internment camps of the 1940s, while the bastardization of Latin American immigrants threatens the very core of the nation’s economic infrastructure.

The president’s notoriously shallow and factually defunct stances and actions are literally threatening millions; maybe not immediately, but definitely in the future. If not checked and checked definitively, his disregard for truth and accountability coupled with an admonition for tried and true diplomacy will no doubt render millions vulnerable to an actual dystopia of epic proportions.

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Native to Phoenix, Arizona, Bernard is an active LGBTQ rights activist, writer and documentarian currently living in San Diego, CA. As an educated theologian, his work often examines the social impact of religion and politics both in America and abroad.