Sean Hannity’s Twitter account proves the Fox News hosts’ complete and abhorrent partisan hypocrisy on Syria, Trump and his inexcusable hatred for Obama.

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Set aside momentarily the culture war ignited by the current Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment allegations – there’s another fox in the hen house.

Yesterday – in light of President Donald J. Trump’s suspiciously timed and executed airstrike against Syria – Sean Hannity retweeted this message:

“When faced with an illegal act of brutal horror, our President led, our nation acted. #AmericaLeadingAgain”

There is so much that is very wrong with this softball statement on its own, let alone that its sentiments were repeated by Hannity.

Much like the current President’s own tremendous flip-flop over the use of force against Assad’s Syria (he was against it while Obama was president), Hannity has his own string of whiplash-inducing opinions on the subject.

Back in 2013, then President Obama sought unilateral support from Congress. The outcome? A proverbial blockade by a Republican congress:

In direct criticism of President Obama’s leadership, Hannity had this to say:

“Glad our arrogant Pres. is enjoying his taxpayer funded golf outing after announcing the U.S. should take military action against Syria.”

Let’s let that sink in a little. Is reading or knowledge of recent political history even a prerequisite for employment at Fox News? And in case the near-constant Obama detractor decided ever to delete the Tweet itself, here it is in its unstoppable image glory:


Sadly but not surprisingly, Hannity’s sentiments fall in lock-step with our current Celebrity-Golfer-in-Chief’s.

Click here for a comprehensive collection of the president’s worst instances of pro-Syria, anti-Obama Twitter propaganda (45 Tweets and rising) that I am pretty sure his supporters wish he would just delete already.

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