The Senator from New York has zero chill when it comes to dealing with Congressional nonsense.

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As a kid, it was always a thrill when an adult authority figure (teacher, parent, etc.) took my side and got all “colorfully, verbally aggressive” when opposing the powers that be. Something about that idea – of someone respected pushed passed couth and properness – was just super, super cool.

So when a progressive Senator from New York drops an F bomb on Congress? I dare say I feel like a kid again.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) – who has been notoriously and bombastically opposed to much of the new Trump administration’s regressive, people-hurting agenda – may have just uttered the latest tagline for the resistance itself.

“We’re here to help people,” she stated in a New York magazine profile, “and if we’re not helping people, we should go the f*ck home.”


“[N]ot enough people have enough empathy,” asserts Gillibrand with regard to the Republican-led Congress. “They can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes. If they’ve lived an affluent life, they can’t imagine how expensive day care is. They don’t know why paid leave is important. They just don’t see it.”

The New York Senator was iterating her approach with Republican Senate counterpart Susan Collins (R-ME) with whom she shares this viewpoint. Collins herself describes Gillibrand as “”a good person. And that still counts, even in the Senate.”

Gillibrand’s popularity has been on the rise since Donald Trump’s upset-victory over Hillary Clinton, someone with whom she has historically drawn comparisons. Many are even speculating about a possible 2020 election bid for the Senator, who has since been working on her Off the Sidelines political action committee; a PAC she founded to support and encourage more women to run for office.

“If you don’t speak up, things aren’t gonna change. If you don’t become an advocate, it’s not gonna change. If you don’t vote, it’s not gonna change. If you don’t run, it’s not gonna change.”

Seen as something of a champion for working families by many, Gillibrand recently announced her intention to re-introduce the FAMILY Act; a bill that if made law would guarantee all workers at least two-thirds of their pay for up to 12 weeks when they take leave to care for their own health or that of a family member.

Be sure to check out the full profile here.

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