Donald Trump has great respect for women, as long as they are rich, young and Republican.

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The new administration’s proposed ACA repeal would be a detriment for any and all Americans not residing within the upper echelon of financial graces. But one group spanning across the income spectrum that would surely be disastrously burdened by the plan just happens to constitute roughly 50% of the country’s population: women.

Despite the new president’s promise to invest in women’s health like the economical Godsend he claims to be, the AHCA does in fact enact the exact opposite. According to the recently unveiled American Health Care Act (AHCA) – commonly referred to as Trumpcare – women stand to lose the most when it comes to coverage and expense impact.

This week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office revealed that the AHCA eliminate coverage for some 24 million Americans while slashing an additional $880 billion from Medicaid, with low-income and older women being the most prevalently featured within the target zone.

And while Republicans are boasting a general premium decrease across the board, they are leaving out how this is possible: premium spikes to be absorbed by older Americans.

The benefits of such an attack on the livelihoods of the arguably most economically vulnerable sectors of the American population? A deficit reduction of only one percent.

Add to this the proposal’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood for at least one year – the country’s largest collection of female-focused health-care centers that services upward round 2.4 million patients annually and a major source for low-income women – and the AHCA is poised to both literally and figuratively leave the fairer sex out in the cold.

Hey ladies, doesn’t it feel good to be made “great again?”

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