Trump fabricating terror attacks while denouncing fact-checkers and unfavorable polls as “fake news” are the latest exhibits of an unfit mind.

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I saw a great protest sign from the (amazing) Women’s March last month: a young woman was holding a sign that read “We’ve been stuck in the Upside Down since January 20th”. The sign was a pop-culture reference to the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, wherein a group of kids (SPOILERS AHEAD!) encounter a monstrous alternate dimension that negatively mirrors our own.

If that feels eerily and uncomfortably familiar, then you have obviously either been paying close attention all along or have only just started to realize there is no sudden waking from this current nightmare.

Every morning, I peruse the latest events of the day and cannot help but feel stuck in some alternate, darkened dimension where everything is still somewhat recognizable but yet shrouded in a foreboding curtain of dread. With Trump in office, it seems that not a day passes when we are not subjected to some weird, off-putting, incredulous, no-that-cannot-actually-be-happening circumstance.

Press Secretaries and presidential envoys are lying on record while white supremacists praise executive orders.

White House staff are secretly and dangerously Tweeting infighting literally from the Oval Office while entire cultures and centuries-old religions are demonized at and from our borders.

Citizen activists are rallying at every corner of the world in response to an American election the likes of which has never been witnessed ever, while decades’ worth of climate science advancements are being embargoed.

The national education system is to be led like a lamb to slaughter by a woman cartoonishly unqualified and ghoulishly “bought and paid for”; the latest calamity in the ongoing saga of the president’s cabinet-building that is reminiscent of a Scooby Doo rogues gallery.

Government agencies are being silenced and journalists black-listed, while our president praises and defends a Russian dictator.

Tried and true public servants – “so-called” judges, congresspeople, activists – are being de-legitimized while the illegitimate are reaping rewards.

This odd, skewed reality we have found ourselves in since the morning of January 20, 2017 is a Stranger place indeed, where fiction is truth and deceit is noble.

Donald Trump is not a well man, or at least he does not play one on TV

“You’ve seen what happened in Paris, and Nice. All over Europe, it’s happening,” Trump said to an assembled group of military leaders at U.S. Central Command on Monday of this week on the subject of terror attacks. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons, and you understand that.”  

President Trump’s disconnection from reality is frightening whether it is legitimate (real) or not (a shrewd plan). But for the Republicans in power – the ones leading us into and through this alternate universe – the ends justify the (seemingly insane) means. As long as he signs what they want him to sign, they will continue to look the other way, despite the writing on the padded walls or in his next book, “The Art of the Long Con.”

But should it be the former – should the president be mentally unfit for the office – is it not imperative to the nation’s longevity for him to be removed? Is the Twitterer-in-chief mentally capable of handling a crisis, especially if said crisis is symptomatic of his lackluster political acumen?

Does his narcissistic lack of empathy afford him the proper mindset to handle and be responsible for literally millions of lives? Are his admonishments for facts-based evidence and sociopathic need for positive praise and attention actually dangerous for us all? Do his character choices of the people he has surrounded himself with say enough about him for the country to truly understand the threat he poses?

Is his reality-distorting behavior – bewildering as it may be – the work of a sane man, a con man or a mad man?

He speaks and leads with the regurgitative integrity of his base without proper vetting of reality nor a responsibility for truth. And perpetuating this alternate realm is how his altruistic, grade-school understanding of nationalism, militarism and culturalism are circumvented by his base and his media supporters every single time he drops a new and profoundly stupid soundbite.

Since taking office over two weeks ago, our president has rejected reality. And it seems that it is one that he is shaping for himself and by himself – as any golden man-god would.

When a sitting president can summon the audacity to claim that every existing poll from every major news outlet is “fake” simply because they reflect his current and growing unpopularity unfavorably and the country does not revolt in one major, climactic uproar of aggression, that is a reality that is unrecognizable. When the same man can defend his defunct and deplorable religious screening propaganda by literally citing fictitious attacks on Americans and is still afforded the mental capacity status of being eligible for the highest office in the world, we are in dark times indeed.

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Tim is an elementary educator on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, NYC whose writing interests primarily focus on Education and Economics. He holds a Masters in Education from Pace University and currently resides in Hastings, NY. He is also a die-hard Mets fan.